Family Therapy

Family therapy is a specialist field. The experienced therapists at Brisbane Family Therapy Clinic have extensive experience in providing therapeutic services to families to help them resolve a wide range of presenting problems.

The term ‘Family Therapy’ does not necessarily mean that all members of a family/household will be present for all appointments with the therapist. Family therapy is founded on a contextual focus that takes account of patterns and relationship, not just the individual in isolation and the problems they themselves may experience. At Brisbane Family Therapy Clinic we believe that many problems go unresolved because the approach taken was too narrow, focusing only on individuals or on  ‘psychopathology’, ignoring vital contextual factors. It is impossible for the problems experienced by one member of a family to not affect others within the family, and it is often very helpful to begin the therapeutic process by hearing something of each family member’s experience. Significant change can begin with the first family therapy appointment.

Family therapy is often indicated when the presenting problem is to do with a child or adolescent, though there are other times in the family life cycle that bring with them problems that will best be resolved by working with more than one member of a family. Family therapy can assist with:

  • Child behaviour problems and parenting difficulties (such as tantrums, school refusal, parent-child conflict, adolescent drug and alcohol problems, and gaming and social media problems)
  • Family conflict
  • Grief and loss
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Substance use problems and addictions
  • Difficulties adjusting to changes in family life stage or circumstance (such as the birth of a first baby, parenting adolescents, ageing parents, etc.)
  • Child protection concerns
  • Intra-family violence

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